Sean Wever (born c. 1986), known by fanboys as The Bro, is a Canadian fat man from Toronto who makes my kak hard and publishes a quarterly men's magazine focusing on fashion and steroid cocktails to result in maximum muscle gains.

He uses ironic humour to lampoon unintelligent people and the bad video games they create.


  • "Now, the next guy won't expect this: a knife to the throat!"
  • "Size knife. Destination throat. Perfect fit. Perfect mission."
  • "I'm fucking beasticore with knives."


  • A source from Inside Gaming hints at the close relationship between Adam Kovic and the Bro coming to the next level, with the pair using webcams in Skype calls.
  • The Bro has a penchant for Minecraft videos, claiming them to be a quick route to fame and money, naturally he has cashed in on this making a hit series called "Shadow of Israphel." He has continued on for his quest of prophet by releasing his brand spanking new series called "Nova plays".
  • The Bro enjoys long caulks through his very being.
  • He once had a whole 1/0 minute segment on a stream about how his "ass pills" and "prostate cameras" have made his life difficult.
  • In response to negative comments made by Muslims on a compilation video where he jokingly refers to a rodent from the game Tokyo Jungle as the Prophet Muhammad, he released a video with a song focusing on the word prophet as a homonym for profit. It served to show that religious outrage would only benefit him due to increased video views, and that he wouldn't accept their intolerance for his joke as they were hypocritically motivated by wanting tolerance for their religion.
  • The Bro can draw sharts from himself after focusing for three years
  • The Bro admits to suffering from depression, and often makes jokes and references to being overweight and overeating. He openly overeats in streams and videos.