About Edit

Holy shit it’s a female. This blonde gurl is always frequently in the Mumble during the week, When really she should be back in fucking kitchen making those FUCKING sandwiches!

She is new to the whole BROTEAM Mumbl/fights. She sucks balls at games but that's what casuals do best. Godfuckingdamnit this girl can draw.

Saucy is also know to play "blondebimdo" girl act/voice when playing games just for shits and giggles. Or as some of you that dont know she is in fact a Geordie (North British Scum)

You can find this girl streaming on her twitch, Mumble or posting work on twitter or her art portfolio which been corrupted by BroTeam & Mumble

Trivia Edit

  • SaucyNacho made Bro Burrito Team - "Follow Your Dreams" re masted gif.
  • Saucy is also bullied a lot by Circumsoldier which causes BINDL to get mad when she dose not stand up to him.
  • Has been bullied into drawing commissions for free for Circumsoldier.
  • Draws really cool shit.
  • Fetish to Sheppard's voice
  • Why fuck would anybody with skills like that be drawing for BRO.
  • Rumors of her studying in video games art, but she sucks at video games.
  • She really wants Bro to autograph her boobs...but Bro wants her to autograph his...
  • As a video games artist she gets all moist over textures and 3D Models

Quotes Edit

"Its dirty sand people color.."

"No matter how many times i play dark always finds ways to bend me over and FUCK ME!"


"Why wont Bro-senpai notice me..."

Drawings Edit

87084414 17b8b144-0b86-4b5b-bab3-204a08903ae6

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