The fact this wiki exists is already an abomination on the face of this earth. That said, some jokers wanted to play a game and put some lamey ass memes up on this page, that they made. And if there's two things I like, it's memes and playing games.

So as a retort, I'll revert any changes made to this page and pile onto it with some more shilling of my links and social media and what have you. Every. Single. Time it happens. Because quite frankly I'm a pathetic shit with nothing better to do. Let me drag you down to my level.

First up is my Twitters ☀ I say fuck shit and cunt a lot in there. I don't know why. I do actually have Tourettes, though. For realsies.

I also stream ☀

I'm neglecting my Tumblr but whatever here you go ☀

Here's an if you don't feel like using Tumblr to ask questions to be frank nobody asks me questions anyway. Wonder why.

Oh, now I remember.

Anyway, next up is my Wordpress. I know WP is fuckin' gay and all that but I'm sick of not having a central location to bundle my links and what not. So there's that.

I also multistream on Beam so here's that ☀ yeah in case you're wondering, someone tried again.

Did you know I have a second Twitter? It's at and I generally keep it a bit more PG and less rant-y there.

It continues! I have a steam group that I'm actually completely neglecting, so have a look at it and join and then never remember ever again that you're part of it.

Oh wow, it's been a while, huh? April, apparently. Well, I almost forgot this existed. Time to add some more info about myself. Such as the fact that I'm streaming again! Regularly, in fact! Almost daily, give or take a cheat day. Been having great fun with it so maybe check it out or something, eh ☀

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