Historical ReferenceEdit

This ain't one body's story. It's the story of us all. We got it mouth to mouth so you gotta listen it and memba cause what you hears today, you gotta tell the birthed tomorrah. I'm lookin' behind us now, across the cunt of time, down the long hall into history, back. I sees the end, what with the start. Apoksaclips all of pain.

Cue Morgan Freeman Voiceover* It was in this moment that plasmathrower was born unto the world...


Fun is something that occurs only in the midst of everyone suffering equally.


  • plasmathrower has no qualms about people finding out his real name or where he lives. You can find it pretty easily on the internet. I welcome people to come over. We'll get drunk together.
  • plasmathrower was the first person to quote on the BroTeam vid titled Website with the response "My new internet explorer homepage." This was promptly copied by Youtube user Coma Fly with the comment "my new netscape navigator homepage ill let everyone on my geocities guestbook know about this". It became a higher upvoted comment within minutes.
  • He is a he. And half asian.
  • plasmathrower prefers the lower case version of his username.