Omar is a Guy from the internet

On the fabled 25th of June, 2013, Omar decided to take action against the tyrrany that is Bro Team by apprehending The Bro's Skype account in response to Bro Team's "The Last Of Us" video , which revealed The Prophet Muhammad's true identity as a white rabbit, creating a shitstorm amongst the very well educated Islamic community of YouTube.


Once in charge of Bro Team's Skype account, Omar listed a set of demands towards those lucky enough to be on The Bro's friend list. These demands were;

  1. Add me on skype omar_-_505

Omar is the son a Saudi-Arabian farmer, he came to the U.S. in search of a new life back in 2002 where he met an enigmatic leprachaun who pulled him into a life of crime and depravity.

Following Omar's defeat at the hands of password recovery, he fell into obscurity, only to be mentioned once more in this video

Secret Video.

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