Magicka surprisingly lacks anal fisting



BRO TEAM! Skeetly-Deet!


Magicka the Gathering-a. This shit meal ripped me off! 



This is the intro to this son of a prick. And this is the intro I made to a movie THREE YEARS AGO. WHERE ARE MY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS? Okay cool, let's try playing this gringo motherfuck online. BUT I CAN'T DO THAT NOW CAN I? Oh no, don't mind me, take your time. I'll just sit here and watch my scrotum gyrate.


Have you seen-


Nope don't care let's start please.

Is this the game? Is this Bar: the Game? Am I playing the game right now?

No it's cool, I'm used to waiting. I'm on season three of Mad Men. It keeps winning all the Emmys, but the only thing that's happened so far is Donald Draper threw a grenade at someone and grabbed a chick's vuvla. Well that's impotent as fuck let's try the single-player.

In this game you wander around a fuckin' rehab clinic talking to finger pupptes. You also get to wander around the hals after hours and fall down holes. Okay boss battle right away, let's do this shit.

Because pressing the button is working right now. Pressing the button, that it's showing me, is doing anything right now. And you know what else, I don't care about Pete Campbell, and his wife. or Peggy Olson climiing the ladder. Oh wow, they all drink and smoke and treat women like shit. I guess art really does imitate life...MINE.

Okay so once again, I'm doing exactly what is says, and nothing is happening. Okay fine. Fine. FINE.


Magicka is the name of the sorceress in Dog Tails. It's also one of the meters at the bottom of the screen in Skyrim. BRO TEAM!

Trivia and Other KnowledgesEdit

  • If you don't like how you look, how do you expect other people to?