A moose that managed to find his way into a human's body as a parasitic host that uses the mumble via the infested hoomin. Is a regular but not so much recently, has a lovely sense of humor and is very polite, I don't think I've heard him ever say a mean thing, I guess he doesn't have a bad side. However, underneath his hoomin layer, the parasite sprouts out of the body and shreksually copulates with unsuspecting hoomins resulting in sex and orgasmic pleasure until dinner time on a tuesday.


  • None of the about section is true in regards to the parasite.
  • But it is actually.
  • He wanted a page because I forgot to make him one and I love him really. (I love you too.)
  • Is world renowned for his disco dancing skills in all universes. (Gotta boogie.)
  • 1337 cuckold.

Known FriendsEdit

  • VulpineVixen (TAJINES!!!)
  • Cremefraiche (One Piece Buddy)
  • Donkeycum (Drunk buddy!)


  • Harsh Outback: +20 Resistance to Fire
  • Antlers: +10 Knockback -5HP on Recoil