Cricket Revolution is a simulation title about the sport, cricket, but this page is in reference to the video wherein Bro Team reviews it. This video is noted for the Team's decision not to employ their typical bombastic and foul-mouthed style. Nonetheless, the quick-witted amongst you intellectuals will still find plenty to chuckle at, and may perhaps even learn something.



BRO TEAM! Well, it sounds like the word "protein," but that's not actually what is being said.



Cricket Revolution offers premium entertainment, while avoiding the pitfalls that sports titles usually encounter. When you're ready to "play ball," "batter up" for the Revolution League. In the team selection menu, you will find all the top nations are available. Sportsmanship ahoy, as the first batting team is chosen by coin toss.

In this instance, my opponent has won the toss, and yielding to the rules of the game, I will be batting first. Keep an eye out for players with limber calves, as you'll want to choose these specimens to be your runners. And without further delay, our champions take to the field, ready to play some ball.

I've foregone the training portion of this game, and as a result I am utterly clueless as to how to control my character. The movement controls are self-evident, but swinging the bat still remains a mystery. My opponent's taken advantage of my ineptitude and has thrown the ball at a stick, knocking over another stick, in what appears to be a scoring action. The pitching team celebrates while a goose reprimands me for my inability to play proficiently.

The opposing team scores another point, further maddening the avian sports fan. The pitcher launches the ball through a player's ghost leg, an underhanded tactic that I've now come to expect. The hatted monsignor dons a blue shirt, indicating his disapproval.

Magic is now used, as a fireball strikes the knee of the batter. Once again the doombringer disapproves and denies the point. This means nothing to the opposing team who continues to celebrate, denying the denial of points and adding three more.

FInally a potentially scoring hit, but the pitcher throws the ball at a bunch of sticks behind him, cancelling my scoring move.The annointed one points to the heavens, indicating that this player is to be put to death immediately.

Finally, my team's turn to pitch. First up, aaand it goes wide. And the weeping prophet has decided that North and South shall now be East and West. And, that's the game. I've been defeated in a fair game of cunning and gentlemenly conduct. 


Cricket Revolutions offers less than optimal ladder options, and has a fairly steep learning curve, but fans of any kind of fun may want to take a "swing" at this title. BRO TEAM!

Additional InningsEdit

  • The first and as of yet only Bro Team Video with a blooper reel.
  • i'm that goose
  • Cricket is a convict's preferred sport