If the client receives a DHCPNAK message, the client restarts the
     configuration process.

     The client times out and retransmits the DHCPREQUEST message if the
     client receives neither a DHCPACK or a DHCPNAK message.  The client
     retransmits the DHCPREQUEST according to the retransmission
     algorithm in section 4.1.  The client should choose to retransmit
     the DHCPREQUEST enough times to give adequate probability of
     contacting the server without causing the client (and the user of
     that client) to wait overly long before giving up; e.g., a client
     retransmitting as described in section 4.1 might retransmit the
     DHCPREQUEST message four times, for a total delay of 60 seconds,
     before restarting the initialization procedure.  If the client
     receives neither a DHCPACK or a DHCPNAK message after employing the
     retransmission algorithm, the client reverts to INIT state and
     restarts the initialization process.  The client SHOULD notify the
     user that the initialization process has failed and is restarting.

  6. The client may choose to relinquish its lease on a network address
     by sending a DHCPRELEASE message to the server.  The client
     identifies the lease to be released with its 'client identifier',
     or 'chaddr' and network address in the DHCPRELEASE message. If the
     client used a 'client identifier' when it obtained the lease, it
     MUST use the same 'client identifier' in the DHCPRELEASE message.

3.2 Client-server interaction - reusing a previously allocated network

   If a client remembers and wishes to reuse a previously allocated
   network address, a client may choose to omit some of the steps
   described in the previous section.  The timeline diagram in figure 4
   shows the timing relationships in a typical client-server interaction
   for a client reusing a previously allocated network address.

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