aHOBO196 is an oddity who is a regular but isn't on often. He is a grumpy dude and hates new people so does not give them a chance. If they are remotely saying anything at all he stabs them in the gums. Is really bro-ey and jock-ey. Despite being grumpy he's really funny and says the darndest things, just avoid him if you have no one to vouch for you being cool because he might hurt you. DO NOT APPROACH IF YOU ARE A FAN OF A BAD FEELING OR CRIKEN.


  • Allergic to females.
  • Can copy VulpineVixen's laugh.
  • Doesn't like me all that much because I said "drugs are bad mmkay."
  • Sounds cute/butch.
  • Owns a Harem with all the woms and me.